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24*7 Sourcing

Wintro Tech Services is one of India’s fastest growing HR Consultant and Manpower Recruiting company that offers a wide range of 24×7 Sourcing Services. Over the years, it has successfully established itself as a reputed and trusted recruitment consultant in Delhi and several other cities in India. Wintro tech Staffing Solutions provides services in manpower consulting and HR Recruitment. While focusing on providing unparalleled and quality services to our clients which include both organizations and job seekers, we have set our standards of quality and strengthened their trust in us by keeping the client’s interests foremost.

Knowledge empowers the mind and the individual, building the person for a better future. So having understood this, we decided to put this knowledge in to use, paving way to the existence of Wintro tech Staffing Solutions. Wintro tech Staffing Solutions is an HR Consultancy firm, birthed in the year 2012. It came into existence even as we as a team studied and understood the huge disparity that lies between talent & skills possessed and the knowledge and skills required for various job requirements.

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