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Top 5 hacks to choose the best ERP for your business

Enterprise Resource Planning system no longer require an introduction. It is no longer an option, it is a necessity. ERP systems have been a part of the business for a long time.

Small companies are latecomers to ERP, so they have the advantage of avoiding the early adopters mistakes.

The following steps will help you discover and adopt the best ERP solution for your business:

Before even start searching for an ERP vendor you should ask yourself: Why your business needs an enterprise resource planning software? Or if you are already using one, then what are the reasons for changing the old one? Make a list of all basic and specific requirements that you expect from the new provider. Also make a list of your expectations regarding business improvements.

Appoint a selection team & assess business requirements: Assembling the right team is absolutely essential for the success of any ERP project, which requires building a healthy team structure as well as choosing the right team members. Your team will help you identify the desired ERP requirements, assess vendors and their product offerings and get your whole company ready for a smooth handover.

Communicate with Potential Vendors and determine “ERP Vendors” and find compatible vendors: The company would first undertake a vendor analysis to ascertain as to which companies provide Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and then analyze benefits of each ERP package. Fill out a score card to receive a total score for each ERP vendor & compare results.

Shortlist & Demo System: Shortlist maximum 2-3 vendors and based upon your requirements focus on the areas that are important to your business. After shortlisting ask the vendors to give you a demo presentation of the system they have.

Select the vendor and formalize the project plan for implementation of the new ERP solution: After selection of the best ERP Solution, next task is to initiate client-vendor relationship and begin the implementation process. This new process starts with finalizing the service contract, license and maintenance agreement.

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