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CRM Solutions

Are you ready to empower your crew for the maintenance of clients information with a seamless integration? Wintro tech provides efficient CRM solutions helps in building constructive relationships with the previous as well as potential clients.

Let’s check out how Winro Tech Pvt. Ltd. can help you out:
Mobile CRM solutions

They are a boon to the industry as the employees and clients can access all the information while traveling, attending meetings or on the run. We excel in real-time facilitation data so that no one misses on anything and end up closing the deals.

Interactive Dashboard:

Our user-friendly dashboard can help you in enhancing your experience with your clients. With our robust CRM system, we can assist you in tracking sales patterns, trends, client buying patterns, marketing insights, etc. in just a single click.

Manage Reporting and sales pipeline:

Generation of insightful purchase or sales is the solution that you seek for making your business successful. With Make India Smart you can look for actionable reports to recognize the opportunities with your pipeline and improving client satisfaction too.

Boost your customer engagement:

Make India Smart, CRM tool can help you in engaging your clients on various social media platforms. By leveraging the power of social media, we build a healthy relationship with clients, and our social CRM handles the same quite efficiently.

CRM system supports the organization to collect information about any customer on the go with efficient system solutions for iPad & smartphones. This service offers the common yet essential knowledge base – a central customer & product database. From these informative data, we can endow competent customer support via inquiries after internal or external sales service

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