Frequently Asked Question

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is known for as an integrated software solution which manages the resources of any company. ERP is a wonderful software and integrates well with the business management functions, comprising of engineering, material or inventory management, manufacturing, finance, human resource and accounting methods.
ERP software is said to be beneficial to mid-sized and large companies operating in various domains for example pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, utilities, telecommunications, etc. ERP software helps in segregation of work as desired by the workforce while they look forward to concentrating on their work, ERP software takes care of the trivial issues to streamline the work. Nowadays whether its small, mid-size or large companies they have fuelled the usage of ERP systems and the industry has seen a steep rise in terms of the organization using them and customizing as per their requirement.
With “Wintro Tech” you do not need to worry at all as they have many tailor-made solutions for their clients and they are ready to adapt as per the ever-changing demands of the business. Our software includes a range of features for various departments of the company including customer service, marketing and sales automation, HR and Payroll department, etc. The company seeking a solution from us can let us know their priorities so that we can devise the solution for them or while using or in demo sessions can ask any particular feature to be included, and we will implement the same as soon as possible for them.
Our solutions have flexibility regarding some users which can be supported by us. We do understand that company does require more employees with the years passing by. And this is one of the reasons why we have made the solution entirely feasible for the authorities to add or remove the users as per their choice. If you are looking forward to extending the limit of your users, then do speak to your sales representative and he will help you for sure in increasing the users as desired by you.
The CRM, ERP, DMS and HRMS solutions and its installation are found to be quite intimidating and complex process for many ventures. Once the solution is implemented right, they can revitalize your business by synchronizing and streamlining its various departments into a precise and unified software system. While on the other side business can also paralyze if any solution could not be able to support the company’s requirement properly. Wintro Tech provides the support on a level that neither in-house IT staff nor any software company can achieve single-handedly. We lend our expertise to the organization who are looking forward to the installation of software and the one who has failed to install them. Our teams are trained to offer you the solutions after having hours of conversation and understanding your requirement from the grassroots level.
Gathering and configuring the data takes time. Depending upon the solution you have ordered from us we take around three-to-five months in making the same and arrange a demo session for the employees so that they can use the same with full swing. Once implemented the organization can go live and start using the software at their ease.
Because of the versatility of solution linked with ERP, we offer lots of functions that can help you in running your business at its best. Some of them are described below:

Interconnectivity: The ERP solution can share real-time data and connect with various third parties like partners, contractors, etc.

Real-time visibility:: ERP solution conveys the Real-time information for the availability of resources and progress on builds and orders etc. This facility gives the power to the company to take instant decisions and wave off the challenges which are causing hindrance for reaching their goals today.

Security: ERP solution offers malware protection to the user through virus scanners, backup systems, and firewalls. This is an important aspect as it can help your data to fall into wrong hands.

We have our support and training service with the best corporate trainers and are comparable to none. We not only provide support services for hoisted but for on-premise clients too. Our pool of audio or video tutorials and other step-by-step guides with helping you as an instructional guide. We have a separate staff for training that helps the end users to have deep insight in software. There are many free live webinars available on a weekly basis so that clients can have a look at the kind of services offered by us.