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There is a thin line between websites and web application. In majority of the cases Web site serves the data in uniform way to all requests, while web application returns results to display various result pages based on user inputs. So in short web applications are those which serve data based on user’s interaction and inputs.

Majority of the websites were static in nature initially meaning there were no database storing or keeping any data or details. Sites were the way of displaying the content pre-written withing the pages. Even though the websites were static in nature it attracted major Internet mass as they might not need any special softwares to install in order to access the information online. This flexibility helped web scale immensely.

We all have witnessed web technology growing from the trend of static websites to dynamic websites and web applications. Popular CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla and drupal have changed the way we develop website. These frameworks have help majority of website to be dynamic in nature and allowed normal user to be operate and manage their website easily.

Web technologies always have lot to offer for development. We see new tools and technologies added to web stack every year. The raise and popularity of PHP and MySQL like open-source technologies have changed the face of websites and level of interactivity. Websites started getting dynamic in nature meaning they have their own database to store and retrieve data from. So naturally there were no longer need to write down the content or data on static files.

Popular CMS frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and popular shopping cart frameworks like Magento, Opencart and Woocommerce are built on top of PHP and MySQL and these are open-source. Meaning anyone can use, share, distribute and modify as per requirement without worrying about licensing and other legal stuffs.

There are wide variety of web frameworks available to work with, but PHP, RoR, django-python, Java and ASP.NET based technologies are quite popular for dynamic web development. These are powerful technology capable of handling complex business problems that desktop application can with added advantage of platform Independence and ease of deployment.

The raise of Internet and wide adaptability has ignited the web application trend. The minimalist footprint and easy deployment helped web application gained popularity even further.

Advantages of Web Application

  • Large set of powerful open-source and closed source available for development.t
  • Web infrastructure provide convenience and ease to end user.
  • The whole code files resides on a machine known as Web Server.
  • The data stored on a machine known as database server.
  • Client needs only one application Web Browser to access any sort of website or web application. Meaning there is no deployment or client application needed to be deployed and maintained.
  • Centralized hosting for all web pages and databases.
  • Powerful, Sleek and Flexible Front end frameworks available for developing beautiful and intuitive UI & UX.
  • Platform Independence. You no longer need to stick to certain Operating system to access the application.
  • Mobile friendly, meaning you can access the application from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile meaning your application is accessible via all the devices.

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